LABT Accountants & Tax Practitioners

About us

LABT Accountants & Tax Practitioners is a South African owned professional services firm founded in February 2016 and registered in July 2017. We pride ourselves in applying international best practice to deliver rigorous Business Consulting services of the highest standards. We understand that the quality of one service will often affect another. That is why we uphold excellence, and firmly adhere to the provision of superior quality, which has made LABT Accountants & Tax Practitioners a reputable professional services firm. As an empowered company, we have a responsibility to perform at the highest standards of professionalism. So we endeavor to achieve personal excellence and constant self-improvement, because that is how we best serve. In service we found growth, growth in the number and stature of clients as well as in the nature of contracts. Consistency in service quality demanded that we grow in capacity and skills as we become even more ambitious. We found that nothing is out of reach for those who are steadfast in the perfection of their craft. As a home-grown firm we know these paths.

Scope of work

Our services focus on improving organizational efficiency by offering our clients effective, practical and holistic solutions. To reach your organization’s objectives and potential, your organisation must continuously improve its performance and sustain that improvement. We have specialist expertise, experience and capacity to assist with this journey. To achieve the best results, we immerse ourselves in the learning and understanding of the various processes and guiding policies in your organisation. This assessment and measurement will allow us to design, implement and manage tailor made solutions that will take you to greater heights. We are thus able to help clients deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in the performance of their organisation focusing on the following areas:

  • Business consulting
  • Tax planning, advice and submissions
  • Automated Systems & software Implementations
  • Trainings
  • Financial statement compilations
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Financial management
  • Performance improvement
  • Asset management solutions
  • Business registrations

Key Processes

LABT Accountants & Tax Practitioners is a South African professional services firms. The firm prides itself on applying
Business Consulting services of the highest standards… The combined knowledge and Business acumen of LABT
Accountants & Tax Practitioners directors puts us as a firm in an ideal position to deliver world-class, client focused
business solutions to a growing range of clients in both the private and public sectors. We are committed to the strong
ethos of corporate responsibility. Our approach is simple: empowering people by harnessing their potential, providing
them with skills and opportunities and improving the quality of life of ordinary citizens from disadvantaged backgrounds.
We adopt a procurement policy to source most of our goods and services from entities that clearly demonstrate an
unwavering effort to uplift the disadvantaged communities of our society. We create equal opportunities for all our
employees and will accelerate the development, at all levels, of those previously excluded from meaningful employment.
This will include targeted development plans and mentorship programs.


Our Competitive Advantage

  1. Flexible working hours as per customer request.
  2. We offer personalised service that suit each client’s unique needs
  3. Use of current and updated accounting packages that increase business performances.

Company Strategy



Providing professional Business advisory services tailored to meet the client requirements enabling them to
achieve their true value. We build value for our clients through the strength of our people by investing in training
and development and utilising world class methodologies.



To be a trusted and reputable BUSINESS advisory services firm that seeks to grow and add value to our clients
driven by exceptional leadership and competent personnel.